I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.

-Anne Frank

Every Story is Part of His Plan: Interview with Adult TCK Liz Lovelace (part 4)

That helped me accept that God had this plan for me to grow up this way. Accepting that it was good for me. God’s plan for other people was to go to college with people who were born in Wisconsin, grew up in Wisconsin, and never left Wisconsin. I think understanding that God has a plan for all of us and our formative years, whatever that may be, they shape you as a person, and that’s all part of God’s plan too.

Global Nomad, Think You Are Accepting? Think Again.

I’ve heard it said that Third Culture Kids are some of the most accepting people in the world.
With all the exposure we’ve had to different cultures, ways of thinking, and kinds of suffering, you’d think that’d be true.
But are we, really?

A Conference for Chronic Illness Warriors: Exhausted People Who Feel Invisible

My mother can’t listen to music and talk to us at the same time. It’s not because she’s elderly or because she’s out of her mind. She has a mild case of tinnitus – a chronic illness, and people with it feel pain whenever they hear loud noises. People with extreme tinnitus feel pain whenever they hear… Continue reading A Conference for Chronic Illness Warriors: Exhausted People Who Feel Invisible

A TCK Interview: Finding Our Identities (Part 1)

I had the privilege of doing an hour-long (!) interview with some friends of mine, an ATCK Christian couple: Luke & Wendy. I had so much fun talking to them… listening to their stories about identity, belonging, love and truth… Have fun reading!


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