EP Review: Searching For Us

Hello friends! I decided to change things up a bit and try my hands at an EP critique. This is something I have never done before. However, I have been listening to music of all genres and have been immersed in music since I was little. So which compilation of music shall I be reviewing today, you ask? None other than Searching For Us by Skye Peterson

Skye Peterson is a young, gifted songwriter and musician. Ever since I found out about her second EP (Searching For Us) on the Reb, I was super pumped to find out about all her music. 

Searching For Us is a beautiful, poetic, and truth-filled EP. 

It starts with the song ‘Sandcastles’ which is a fun, upbeat start to the EP. Skye’s voice is a sort of raw, dreamy voice, something between Lauren Daigle’s and JJ Heller’s, leaning toward the second of the two. The song talks about “all that we are, all we create, all that we give, all that we take”, and reminds us that it’s only love that remains. We build sandcastles, we build kingdoms, and although it might be forgotten, if we serve others, if we love, that will impact, that will stay. It is easy to follow and the music has this summery vibe about it. Not all of her songs are easy to sing but this one isn’t that hard if I tried. (I’m not going to be posting a video of me singing this XD)

You keep on listening and come to the second track, ‘Searching For Us’. The first couple moments sound like it’s going to be another easy-going, “fun” song but then Skye’s voice hits with this poetic goodness. Her words are beautiful, with the metaphor of a Shepherd, a King, a Father, who leaves the 99 to find the one, who loves, who tells us that He died for us. The chorus of the song etches into your memory and is filled with hope and is a sort of proclamation over our failures. The music fits it completely, it’s one of the best parts of the EP. The bridge is just beautiful, and now, instead of a proclamation, it’s a call, to look upon Him who searches for us. The bridge is made complete with other voices joining the call. The track is musically uplifting and lyrically sound.

The next track, ‘Come to Me’, begins with the words “sweet girl.” It immediately gets your attention and you listen because you’ve been there too. Jesus is calling us to come to Him, the One who loves and holds and leads. The words are comforting and the music is nice, and I love the vocals. I just wish this song sounded more acoustic, because it’s such a personal, raw sort of song, sometimes the beat and the loud music seem to distract from the meaning and beauty of the song.

Her next track, ‘As I Am’, commences with simple guitar and violin, and you just breathe in and out and listen. Skye’s simple voice prays this song, questioning why she is given such love from the Father, why it’s given unconditionally, just as she is. The stringed instruments and back up singers accompany the song gorgeously. It has a bit of a theatrical feel in parts of the track, especially when she sings: “Hallelujah, Hallelujah, He loves me as I am”.

‘Guessing Games’ opens with piano and electric guitar, and you can tell right off that this song is different. The lyrics are poetic and more expressive, artsier than her other tracks. On a personal note, this song has spoken to me so deeply since I’ve been feeling lonely and distant from God during the pandemic (more on that here). This track is less of the upbeat, fun music she starts with and is more full of longing, more musically experimental. She is so real, so raw with her emotions: I sat there in the loft of that old barn // And I felt Him there so I cried until my tears were nearly gone // And I wish that I could feel that way again // ‘Cause I miss that love that I once knew.  

The last track, ‘Stay’ is an instrumental and (slightly vocal) mash-up of all that’s been said over the EP. It personifies the longing that her music awakes in you as you listen. The emotion spills over, and you sit and take it all in. 

Skye’s music has the poetic depth that one would expect from the Peterson family, but she is uniquely and originally her, with the fun music but also the deep longing of her soul to be seen and known by her Father. It has been a blessing to me, and I think it’s so cool that someone like Skye, who is only a year or so older than me, has created such an amazing sandcastle 😊.

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