Quick Thoughts on Trusting God With Our Every Day

Hello friends, sorry for not writing yesterday. We went on a quick 3 day vacation and I didn’t have time to post anything.

I want to share a bit about what I have been learning recently. I have been pondering off and on what it means to trust God.

I used to think that trusting God was something you did when you had a really stressful situation and didn’t know how it would go, something you did when there was a huge unknown. But I have been slowly finding that trusting should also be something we do in the quiet moments, with the small worries. When we have a lot to accomplish in a day and aren’t sure if we’ll be able to. When we are tired. When we are sick. When we just aren’t having the best of days.

He wants us to trust Him with His love. He wants us to trust Him with His grace. To trust that His love is unconditional and his grace is sufficient. To trust that we don’t have to do well that day to come boldly to His throne. To trust Him that His plan, not ours, is perfect.

Our plan may consist of doing schoolwork or writing or watching our favorite show or going to the park. But when our siblings need help or our mother wants us to prepare dinner or we need to do chores, trusting God with whatever the day throws at us is what makes our Father happy.

We also need to trust God with the seemingly small, nagging worries that are bigger than we want them to be. For me, it’s becoming an adult. Leaving the house. Becoming fully responsible for my financial well being. It freaks me out. But God has plans to prosper me (Jeremiah 29:11). God has plans to give me a future and a hope. So if I trust Him with my today, and my tomorrow, and the day after that, I can trust Him that He will give me grace sufficient for whatever I will face when I leave home. No problem or worry is bigger than my God.

See you on Tuesday. 😊

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