Me, My Blog, and What It’s All About

Dear reader, 

I am starting this blog because I believe that words have power, and because I believe I have something good to say. I would love to share with you my thoughts on life, literature, and languages; on God, growth, and grace; on family, friends, and fun. And I hope that my little ideas will inspire you and point you to something more. 

My name is Breanne Eckman. I love my name because it means strength and grace, and it is a beautiful reminder that I am only God’s child by His grace and that I can do all things through Christ-given strength. I am 16 years old, an aspiring writer, a sister, a daughter, and a dog-lover. I know several languages, and I cherish inter-cultural relationships and friendships. God created us to be diverse and He loves us that way, so we should strive to love each other in that way as well. I am passionate about theology, apologetics, and truth. I pursue beauty and love all of the arts. I am an amateur photographer, artist, and musician. I love the sciences, biology in particular, as we can see the rich complexity of the world around us and the way our body functions within us. My hope for this blog is that it would be a tool to equip teens (and others, if you are reading this) with good, sound truth, and beautiful, imaginative thoughts that would inspire and encourage. 

I will be posting twice a week on Tuesdays and on Saturdays, with an occasional surprise post throughout the week. If you would like to be kept up to date, I would be delighted if you subscribe to my blog via email. 

I leave you with a gorgeous quote by George Washington Carver:

“I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour if we will only tune in.”